What's the best way to house hunt?

House hunting can be a long and tedious experience, or a fun and exciting time of your life. Start by browsing through online listings, sign up for property alerts or contact an Estate Agent. Select the homes you wish to view and add them to your favourites. Before making a purchase, compare all the favourites and combine "likes and must haves" into a checklist to ensure that the list covers all your requirements.

Search Online

Searching online for your home offers:

1. Convenience

2. Time saving

3. Filter by Criteria

4. Alerts when new properties within your criteria come onto the market.

Contact an Estate Agent

An Estate Agent can provide you with valuable insight:

1. The additional costs of owning the home.

2. Show you more affordable properties in another area with similar criteria.

3. Point out maintenance expenses that you might not see online.

4. Can provide you with additional information through experience.

Contact the Owner Directly

An Owner can save you money:

1. Commission costs don't apply.

2. Discounts for cash.

3. Maintenance ideas on the cheap as they have lived in the property.


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