Consumer's Personal Information
  • Declares current financial status as accurate and true.

  • Is currently not under administration, sequestration, debt review or a restructuring order.

  • Personal information is accurate and true.

  • Has read and understood the terms and conditions that follow before accepting any solution we offer.

Negociate Privacy Policy
  • May conduct any enquiry necessary to process the application.

  • May contact the consumer/s regarding the application, by SMS or email where applicable.

  • May use the information provided to contact the consumer via email, landline, mobile, post or other means regarding our internal company products.

  • Will never share the information provided with any other vendors unless given express written consent to do so by the consumer.

Consumer Privacy Policy
  • Gives consent to obtain the Credit Report from any/ all registered Credit Bureaus

  • Confirms that all information so obtained must be treated as confidential by the authorised user(s) and may not be made public in any way without express written consent to do so by the consumer.

  • Consents that the obtained information will remain effective only for the specified date and objective.

  • Understands that the credit report includes sensitive information not withstanding credit history, credit agreements, payment patterns, payment profiles, defaults and/or judgements but also other employment/ financial & personal information. 

  • Is able to read and fully understand English.

  • Understands that if English cannot be read or fully understood, should not proceed with this online application.