Bond Consolidation

Bond Consolidation provides the opportunity for registered Home Owners to Consolidate Debt into an existing Home Loan, reducing monthly repayments by as much as 60% and improving credit scores within 12 months.

So would Bond Consolidation Work for You?

Negociate Credit Solutions provides you with Specialist Bond Consolidation Services. We know how difficult it is to struggle with a large amount of debt and high interest rates when you have available equity in your property. Mainly due to being declined by institutions with strict qualifying criteria.

We are fast and flexible when it comes to creating a bond consolidation plan which matches your needs and budget. You will also benefit from early settlement discounts of up to 20%. We will work directly with you to analyse your current financial situation and to provide the best way out.

With our professional solution, you will be in a position to repay existing debt instantly and get a home loan with a competitive interest rate and comfortable repayment terms and conditions.

Want to know more about Bond Consolidation?

 Let us conduct a free, no obligation bond consolidation assessment to determine if you qualify. You will receive a copy of your credit report and a detailed bond consolidation assessment of how the process works, including costs and conditions. This is our pre-qualification process.

Bond Consolidation
Bond Consolidation