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As National Debt Counsellors we work with a portfolio of clients to help them manage Complex Personal Debt Issues. Having very little money is hard enough, but owing others money that you don't have and worrying about debt can make you very unhappy and stressed.

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Make the decision to get Debt Help to take control for debt.

Whether you are starting to experience financial difficulties or already burdened by debt, the first step to taking control of your Debt is to research your options and then approach Debt Management Experts for advice.

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Navigate our Website and read about our Debt Solutions.

Not ready to talk to us yet? Our website is full of information and there are many options to choose from. Each section  contains "Frequently asked questions" that have been compiled from questions existing clients ask.

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Complete our Free Online Assessment Form.

 Convenient and Completely Confidential. We use this information to determine to best way forward . We'll also provide you with a free copy of your Credit Report and a detailed explanation of how the process works.

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Talk to our Debt Experts who can answer your Questions.

Let us discuss the options with you so that you can make an informed decision. There are no upfront costs involved and there is no obligation to proceed with the Debt Solution if you you feel that is will not assist you enough.


Sometimes life takes a turn for the worst and living expenses can unexpectedly put us in a negative financial situation.  This is where Debt counselling can help. This program not only assists in controlling unmanageable debt, but it also addresses the underlying causes and any resulting personal issues.

Who we are and How Can we Assist You

It can be very easy to slide into debt. Poor decision making, unaffordable lifestyles and turning a blind eye to financial problems are all reasons why debt spirals out of control.


The fact is, we live in a time where things are costly and accessing credit has become easy.

When debt spirals out of control, the personal impact can be devastating. People with debt problems often describe feelings of powerlessness. The threat of a summons or repossession can create all sorts of problems in relationships, with work performance and mental health.

However, with the right support and patience, unmanageable debt can be controlled.

As Debt Counsellors, we are responsible for dealing with all kinds of debt situations, helping people to manage their finances and put them on the right track to becoming debt free.

We provide practical help and advise on issues such as budgeting, money management, consolidating debt and insolvency.

We are mandated to liaise with Credit Providers on your behalf, to put realistic manageable Debt Payment Plans in place and provide legal advice. We support clients through the entire process.

We also offer a personal management service as a form of emotional support to clients who are stressed about their financial situation. Our clients develop a personal relationship with their dedicated consultant and therefore feel comfortable discussing personal issues.

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Debt Review

What we Offer as National Debt Counsellors

We are a one stop debt solutions shop. We not only offer Debt Counselling and Debt Review, but also assist with Bond Consolidation, Debt Settlement, Credit Repair, Debt Management and Insolvency solutions.

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Debt Review
Getting into Debt and finding a way out

Borrowing money is a way to subsidise big life changes, such as buying a house, starting a new business, financing a car, or renovating a property. When a consumer takes out a loan for one of these big life changes, they do so knowingly. They are aware that this credit must be paid back within a contractual term.

Credit never comes free though. Hefty Interest charges and borrowing too much, failing to stick to a budget plan and loss of income without having a safety net to fall back on, are all reasons why debt spirals out of control so easily.

What we Do?


  • We offer you with emotional support where debt is concerned

  • Discuss your current financial situation

  • Assess your monthly income and expenditure

  • Discuss your current budget and focus on areas for reducing unnecessary expenditure

  • Implement a new payment plan that is manageable and matches your current budget.

  • Renegotiate installments, interest rates and terms with Credit Providers

  • Manage relevant financial and legal documentation

  • Keep communication channels open through the entire process

  • Assist with keeping you on track to ensure a successful outcome

  • Help you get access to relevant benefits such as reduced Credit Life Insurance

  • Provide legal support and advice where necessary

  • Support clients through the process of bankruptcy, only if it is determined that this is the best option available

We are here to Help You

It's important to find the best debt solution possible for your current financial situation. Our website is full of valuable information and you can also call us for a free, no obligation assessment of your current financial situation.

Once we understand more about your debt problem we can suggest a plan of action tailored to your financial needs.

With 10 years of experience in providing debt advice you can be assured that you have come to the right place for assistance. We offer a range of services and solutions to suit every situation.

So what are you waiting for.