About Us

About US

Negociate Credit Solutions offers life-changing Financial Solutions. Our goal is to focus on adding measurable financial value, through Professional Client Service, Expert Debt Management and Debt Solutions that suit your situation and lifestyle. We pride ourselves in being a One Stop Credit Solution Shop.

About Us
About Us

What we are all About:


Negociate Credit Solutions is comprised of six main areas, representing a variety of services and functions. 

We exist to provide professional financial services to consumers, using new technologies and innovative practices, always staying up to date with regards to changing laws in South Africa.

Customer needs are met through responsive, reliable, and courteous service. We collaborate in making evidence-based, timely and effective decisions. We act ethically and are accountable for our work.


Our main objectives for consumers are to:

  • Provide the tools, advice and guidance to effectively manage finances, budget and debt.

  • Provide advice and oversight on the management of consumer budgets to ensure long term financial health.

  • Assist in the identification, evaluation and mitigation of debt.

  • Provide annual reviews to ensure that our clients stay on track and take part in the visible reduction of debt.

  • Ensure transactions are processed accurately, in accordance with company policies as well as externally applicable policies, in a timely manner.

We trust that you will find the website helpful; however, should you have any comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Credit Solutions All Under One Roof

Credit Solutions All Under One Roof

Empowering Your Life

We have combined a number of Credit Solutions because we think it's wrong that consumers are held back by a lack of credit. Our mission is to support our client's financial growth while empowering them with the best solutions available, impartial advice and financial support to become debt free as soon as possible.

Credit Solutions

Good Old-Fashioned Service

Our flexible approach is new, but we believe in the way service used to be i.e. getting to know our clients and their specific needs. That’s why we give you a dedicated relationship manager who will determine the Credit Solution that best fits your needs. Not only for once-off products but through the entire duration of your relationship with us.

Decisions Made By Real People

We don’t use a ‘computer-says-no’ algorithm. We get to know each and every consumer and their specific needs. So if your financial criteria doesn’t fit the strict criteria of many institutions, you could have more success here with one of our Credit Solutions. We want to say ‘yes’ to helping you get out of debt and grow.

Credit Solutions

Flexibility (That’s How We Roll)

Flexibility is at the core of everything we do and we’ll bend over backwards to support your specific needs. Our various Credit Solutions come with flexible features - from debt free in 18 months - to interest rates as low as 5% for unsecured debt. If there is a solution we have it.

Simple, Transparent Terms

As a Service Provider we’re committed to making the process as simple as possible, whilst being 100% transparent with our customers. We don’t charge application or assessment fees for our Credit Solutions. In fact, repay debt early and benefit from a reduction in interest charges.

Credit Solutions

Fast Application Process

Our lightning-fast application process means that after you apply online you could receive a decision within 24 – 48 hours. Once approved for the Credit Solutions of your choice, you start paying less for your debt monthly and your cash flow improves immediately!

COVID-19 Health & Safety

Negociate Credit Solutions follows the correct hygiene and contact tracing practices to fight against COVID-19.  We can operate because we are deemed an Essential Services Provider.

Dear Clients,

In preparation for the return of the workforce to the workplace, we would like to confirm that we have conducted a variety of checks, tasks, and assessments to ensure a healthy and safe environment for you and your teams. The details of these are listed below.


Kindly take note of the procedures that have been implemented:


  • It will be compulsory for all tenants and visitors to wear masks.  We have provided our team members with cloth masks to wear at all times. Masks can be removed inside office space when seated – provided the office door has been closed. 

  • All bio-metrics systems are being disabled.

  • We will run an “open door policy” where possible, to reduce contact with doors and door handles.

  • There will be increased cleaning in high traffic and high-risk common areas e.g. floors, frequently touched surfaces, counter-tops and door handles throughout the day within set intervals. A register will be recorded each round.

  • Our cleaners have been trained to adhere to proper disinfecting guidelines.

  • Alcohol based 70% or higher sanitisers will be placed at reception for use by everyone upon  entry and exit.

  • Signage will be erected detailing Covid-19 symptoms, hygiene best practices and social distancing parameters.

  • Our team members have been trained on dangers of the virus, manner of transmission, measures to prevent transmission, e.g. personal hygiene, social distancing, use of masks, where to go for screening, etc.

  • Where possible, we will keep the spaces well ventilated.

  • We have rearranged the workplace to ensure that the proximity between workers will be minimised and, as far as practicable, ensure that there is at least 1.5 metres between workers.

  • We have rearranged the furniture in the casual spaces to promote social distancing.

  • A solution of regular soap and disinfectant will be used to sterilise cutlery and crockery before drying (you may wish to consider bringing in and maintaining your own cutlery and crockery during this period).

  • We require every team member to report whether they suffer from symptoms such as fever, sore throat, cough, body aches, loss of smell or taste, nausea, vomiting or fatigue.

  • We will record the movements of all our staff and visitors.

  • We will ask you to sign our contact tracing register.

We request that you adhere to all relevant social distancing rules and applicable disaster regulations and directives for the level alert period. In particular, please take note of the applicable directive issued by the Department of Employment and Labour entitled “Covid-19 Occupational Health and Safety Measures in Workplaces, Covid-19 (C19 OHS), 2020”, which every employer is required to adhere to.


Clients are required to manage their own health and safety procedures in our office space. If you are diagnosed with Covid-19, please inform the relevant Authorities including, the Department of Health (report may be made to the Covid-19 hotline: 0800 02 9999) and the Department of Employment and Labour. Please also immediately inform the Centre Manager in the event of a suspected or actual infection being detected.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and understanding as we continue to adjust our operations and services to facilitate best practices on COVID-19 containment.  We are committed to your health and safety first and foremost but would request that you assist us with a shared approach to this responsibility.


We request that the health and safety of all of the people who use our space be treated as a shared responsibility and look forward to your support in this regard.

We wish to assure you that now and always, we are here for you. Our top priority in these trying times is the health, safety, and experience of our clients and staff.

About Us
Physical distancing

At all times, we make sure that all our staff

are spaced apart and visitors are at least 
2 metres apart.

About Us
Correct hygiene 

We wash and dry our hands thoroughly 
and regularly. We regularly disinfect 
and clean surfaces and objects.

About Us
Contactless Payment/Delivery

Our customers pay online where possible.

We use contact-less delivery to make sure
there is no physical contact

About Us
Contactless Payment/Delivery

We record the movements of all
our staff. This ensures that we can

get in touch with everyone who may 
have been in contact with someone who 
later shows symptoms of COVID-19.


Eastgate Office Park - Block A
South Boulevard Road
Eastgate, Eastrand, Johannesburg 2198
National: (0861) 555 554
Fax: (086) 613 8975
Email:  info@negociate.co.za