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Bombarded by Debt Relief information all across the net? If you're ready to find out what we can do for you when it comes to Debt Relief, you’ve come to the right place. All your Debt Relief Solutions are here under one roof.

Choosing the Right Debt Relief Solution for You

Negociate Credit Solutions has been around for years and our experienced team have a combined intellectual capital of over 2 decades helping consumers overcome Debt Problems. All of our Debt Relief Solutions are tailored to make financial stability a reality and you can expect our team to recommend the most appropriate solutions for your current financial situation.

Get the personal care and impartial advice you deserve. Compare your options below and get in touch with us today, so that we can conduct a free, no obligation Debt Relief Assessment of your situation. From the assessment received we can provide you with all options available to get you back on track.

Choose your Debt Relief options:

Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation entails consolidating multiple credit facilities into one payment. The monthly installment becomes more manageable, interest rates are reduced and the terms extended. The consumer can also request early settlement discounts on existing loans.

Debt Free in 24 - 60 months

Credit Worthy within 3-6 months

Affordability is a criteria

No upfront costs. Costs included

Debt Review

What is Debt Review?

Debt Review is a process whereby a Debt Counsellor takes all current debt and re-negotiates your existing contractual agreements with Credit Providers to reduce your monthly repayment. This is done by extending terms and reducing interest rates. 

Debt Free in 36-60 Months

Credit Worthy once completed

Reduced Installment 

No upfront costs. Costs included

Cash Sequestration.jpeg

Cash Sequestration allows you to make a fresh financial start, giving you the opportunity to put money away towards your future instead of wasting it on debt that has been handed over to attorneys.

75% of Debt is written off, the remaining 25% is paid in cash up front or paid off over a suitable term..

Debt Free once Order is granted

Credit Worthy in 24-36 Months

Affordability is not a criteria

Legal Fees

How does Voluntary Surrender Work.jpg

Voluntary Sequestration is a High Court application that legally allows you to walk away from 75% of your debt. The remaining 25% is paid off over 18 months. Assets to the value of the 25% stand as surety for the 18 months until the 25% is settled. These assets are not removed from your possession.

Debt Free once the 25% is settled

Credit Worthy in 48 months

Affordability is not a criteria

Legal Fees

If you're not sure what Debt Relief Solution to Choose

If you're not sure what to do about Debt Relief — and your debt feels insurmountable — it's time to talk to us. Our experienced team will explain your options and recommend the Debt Relief Solution that best fits your particular situation, including longer-term effects like the impact on your Credit Score and a projected date when you can expect to be debt-free.

In short, you can rest easy knowing that our advice is detailed, impartial and completely non-judgmental throughout the entire process. Count on us for all your debt needs.