Credit Score and Credit Report

Your Credit Score is a number from 0 to 999 and is calculated by using all the details in your credit profile. Every time you apply for credit or submit an application to obtain your Credit Report, your latest score will be calculated. Your Credit Score can usually be found on your Credit Report and is an indication of how you manage the credit you have obtained over time.

So why does a Credit Score and Credit Report matter?

All Credit Providers, Service Providers and financial institutions will take your Credit Score and Credit Report into account before offering you a loan or other financial products.

Your Credit Score matters because it reflects how healthy your financial decisions are. Checking your Credit Report regularly means you are able to see how healthy your Credit Score is and also gives you the opportunity to follow up on your accounts if you think that your Credit Report does not accurately represent your financial health.

It is important to dispute any inaccuracies on your Credit Report that may be affecting your Credit Score. Once a dispute is lodged and the error corrected, your Credit Score will improve.

For responsible financial planning you should take a look at your Credit Report every month. Each Credit Bureau has an annual subscription to do this. We have an annual subscription where you can get a look at your Credit Report and Credit Score from 4 different Credit Bureaus - all in one report.

Want to know more? Receive your first Credit Score free. If you like what you see you can subscribe to get your Credit Report every month using one of our subscriptions to help you get on top of your credit health all year round.

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