How to choose the perfect home

Make a wish list. Be realistic. Ask yourself relevant questions to ensure that you chose the right home for your needs as well as your families needs.

1. Area

When buying a home you are also buying into the neighbourhood. Remember that you are going to be living in that neighbourhood for 10-20 years. Maybe even a lifetime.

There are many things that should be considered. Drawing up a list can be a good place to start. Consider the following:

1. What kind of suburb would like to live in - quiet or social?

2. Transport.

a. Do you have the need for public transport?

b. What distance are you prepared to travel to work every day?

c. How far are you prepared to travel for shopping?

d. Do you need to be close to schools?

3. Are you looking for an area with certain places of worship? 4. What activities would you like to have close by i.e. gyms, dance studios, swimming pools, entertainment? 5. Are you close to family members? 6. What view are you looking for i.e. beach, city, vegetation, suburbian?

2. Home - What Type?

There are thousands of homes on the market. Consider your needs now and your needs in in 10 years time.

If your requirements are going to change over time make sure that the home you chose accommodates your changing needs.

1. Bathrooms - if you are planning a family one bathroom may not be enough.

2. Kitchen - If you are planning a family take storage space into account.

3. Bedrooms - are there enough for you changing needs.

4. Study - will there be a need for a home office in the future.

5. Garden - is it large enough for entertaining or for children.

6. Parking - do you need a single/double garage.

7. Erf Size - do you want to add onto the property?

8. Double Storey or Single - are you going to retire in the home? Single storey would be better.


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