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Our simple Online Application process makes pre-approval possible in 24 hours 


One Manageable Monthly Payment at fixed Interest rates over terms you can afford.


Installments are repaid over terms that will suit your pocket.


One installment means that you know how much you will be repaying each month.


More money available monthly for living expenses, entertainment, savings and investment.

We offer a wide range of Credit Solutions to suit many financial situations.

Contact us Today for a Credit Solution that will best fit your specific needs.

Credit Solutions When You Need Them Most


Debt Consolidation is a Credit Solution that entails consolidating debt into one repayment.  This creates a more manageable monthly payment. Monthly installments are reduced and terms extended. The consumer can also request early settlement discounts .


At Negociate Credit Solutions, we know how difficult it is to deal with a large amount of debt, struggling to keep on top of paying various Credit Providers each month.

We are fast and flexible when it comes to creating a suitable Debt Consolidation Plan that matches your specific needs and budget. You can also benefit from early settlement discounts of up to 20%. We will work directly with you to analyse your current financial situation and to provide the best way forward.

With our professional solutions, you will be in a position to repay existing debt instantly and get a competitive interest rates and repayment terms that suit you. Consolidate credit card debt and Loans in two ways, through Bond Consolidation or Debt Review.

Want to know more about Debt Consolidation? 

Let us conduct a free of charge, no obligation Debt Consolidation Assessment to determine if you qualify. You will receive a free copy of your Credit Report and a detailed Debt Consolidation Assessment of how the process works, including costs and conditions. This is our pre-qualification process for this Debt Solution.


The Application Form will only be sent to you once you understand fully how the Debt Consolidation works and only after we have answered all questions to your satisfaction. 

There are no upfront costs or charges and so you have nothing to lose by making an informed inquiry about Debt Consolidation, which can only improve your current financial well-being.

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Debt Consolidation
Debt Consolidation


One of the many Debt Solutions we offer is Debt Counselling.  This solution helps ease your financial stress and address your financial concerns. A financial wellness plan is developed that is not only approved by your Credit Providers, but also reduces your monthly debt repayment quite substantially. This is done by consolidating all your debt into one manageable installment at lower interest rates.

Debt Counselling
Debt Review
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Debt Counselling, Credit Counselling or Debt Review was setup by the National Credit Regulator and Credit Providers, when the need arose to assist consumers who had become over-indebted due to the Global Financial Crisis of 2008.

This is a legal process whereby you and your Credit Providers come together through a Debt Counsellor. All parties concerned then collaborate on a new affordable repayment plan in which your current contractual obligations are renegotiated. The new contract reduces your monthly installment by extending payment terms up to 60 months and reducing interest rates to as low as 5-10%.

Multiple Credit Provider payments are consolidated into one payment which is then paid to a Payment Distribution Agency. This Agency is also setup by the National Credit Regulator to distribute the consolidated payment to each Credit Provider in line with the new re-negotiated contracts.

With a Negociate Credit Solution’s Debt Management Plan, you can look forward to a simple, fast approach in which a new lower installment can be made before your next installment is due. We have been doing this for a very long time and have built up great relationships with all registered Credit Providers in SA.

Since this process allows you and the Credit Providers to work together successfully, you can also look forward to being granted credit again once the process is completed.

Want to know more about Debt Counselling?

Speak to our Debt Counselling Department about your current financial situationLet us conduct a free, no obligation Financial assessment to determine what your new installment will be. You will also receive a copy of your credit report and a detailed assessment of how the process works. This is our pre-qualification process.

The Debt Review Application Form to start the process will only be sent to you once you understand fully how the Debt Counselling Process works and only after we have answered all questions to your satisfaction. 

There are no upfront costs or charges with Debt Counselling and so you have nothing to lose by making an informed inquiry, which can only improve your financial well-being.

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Credit Solution 3: Sequestration & Voluntary Surrender

Sequestration or Voluntary Surrender is a High Court application that legally allows you to walk away from 75% of your debt. If you do not own assets then you can pay the 25% in cash over a negotiated period.

Sequestration  or Voluntary Surrender allows you to make a fresh financial start, giving you the opportunity to put money away towards your future instead of wasting it on debt that has been handed over to attorneys.


When you are unable to service debt that has been handed over to collection agencies, interest and legal fee charges keep growing. The result is that you will not come out of this vicious cycle of debt and are unable to grow financially due to its overwhelming effect.

When you choose to Sequestrate or Voluntarily Surrender your estate your Credit Report is also cleared after 24 - 36 months. Unlike with Debt Review where is can take 60-84 months before your Credit Report is cleared and you become credit worthy again.

The other interesting fact is that any SARS penalties are also written off as part of your Sequestration or Voluntary Surrender and you are issued with a new tax number.

Sequestration or Voluntary Surrender is perfect if the following applies to you:

  1. You have tried Debt Review and were unable to keep up with the payments or are currently finding that the lower installment under Debt Review is still not assisting enough financially each month.

  2. Your expenses exceed your income.

  3. You have shortfalls on assets that have been repossessed, like Vehicles and Home Loans. These shortfalls must be paid back, even though you no longer possess the asset. WIth Sequestration or Voluntary Surrender, the shortfalls are also written off.

  4. Credit Providers have obtained judgements against you.

  5. You have an emolument attachment (garnishee order) on your salary each month.

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Debt Review


Bond Consolidation is a Credit Solution that provides the opportunity for registered Home Owners to Consolidate Debt into an existing Home Loan, reducing monthly repayments by as much as 60% and improving credit scores within 12 months.

Bond Consolidation.jpg
Bond Consolidation

Bond Consolidation is an option that is available to existing Home Owners who have built up equity in their property and can therefore use this Equity to settle short-term unsecured debt and vehicles.


What is Equity and how much do I have? Equity is the difference between the current market value of your property and what you still owe on it.

This difference is used to Consolidate higher interest unsecured short term debt like clothing accounts, credit cards, loans, overdrafts and Revolving Credit Plans, as well as secured short term debt like vehicles.

The opportunity also exists to access the equity for renovations, instead of financing renovations with high interest loans.


Short term debt is consolidated into the home loan at lower interest rates and longer terms, reducing the overall monthly repayment to debt and therefore freeing up income for living expenses

With personal debt levels rising in South Africa, many Home Owners have turned to Bond Consolidation in an attempt to better their financial situation.


We only grant 70% Bonds. Therefore if your property is worth R1000,000.00 currently, then a bond of R700,000.00 will be granted.  Make sure that the difference between what is owing and what we grant you is enough to consolidate all of your debt.

We will only consider granting you the Bond if all of your debt is settled in the process.

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Credit Solution 5: Credit Score & Credit Report

Your Credit Score is a number from 0 to 999 and is calculated by using all the details in your credit profile. Every time you apply for credit or submit an application to obtain your Credit Report, your latest score will be calculated. Your Credit Score can usually be found on your Credit Report and is an indication of how you manage the credit you have obtained over time.


All Credit Providers, Service Providers and financial institutions will take your Credit Score into account before offering you a loan or other financial products.

Your Credit Score matters because it reflects how healthy your financial decisions are. Checking your Credit Report regularly means you are able to see how healthy your Credit Score is and also gives you the opportunity to follow up on your accounts if you think that your Credit Report does not accurately represent your financial health.

It is important to dispute any inaccuracies on your Credit Report that may be affecting your Credit Score. Once a dispute is lodged and the error corrected, your Credit Score will improve.

For responsible financial planning you should take a look at your Credit Report every month. Each Credit Bureau has an annual subscription to do this. We have an annual subscription where you can get a look at your Credit Report and Credit Score from 4 different Credit Bureaus - all in one report.

Want to know more? Receive your first Credit Report free. If you like what you see you can subscribe to get your Credit Report every month using one of our subscriptions to help you get on top of your credit health all year round.

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Debt Review
Credit Solutions

Personalised service means that you get the best offer based on your current needs, with lower fees at competitive interest rates.

Choose a term that you'll be in a position to repay even in months where there are unforeseen expenses.


By doing this you can be assured of debt success.

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