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Negociate Credit Solutions was identified as the one of the Top 10 Debt Counselling Companies for 2020. This is an industry peer review that allows those within the industry to rate and review the performance of their industry counterparts over the past year.

So what is this Debt Review Award based on?

The Debt Review Awards is an industry Awards Program which is specific to the Debt Counselling and Debt Review Industry. All NCR Registered Debt Review Industry Parties are invited to participate to be considered for Awards.

Each year the Debt Review Awards organisers call on the industry to share their feedback on the various Payment Distribution Agencies, more than 1700 active registered Debt Counsellors and over 8000 registered Credit Providers. With the use of online software, the industry is able to pool their knowledge and experience to reflect the current level of performance of various industry role players.

Negociate Credit Solutions was nominated Top 10 out of 1700 companies based on the following criteria - Collection ratios, Client retention, Proposal Quality, Query resolution, Communication and Staff Knowledge, Adherence to timelines, Consumer education, Balancing the needs & rights of the consumer and credit provider. 

Want to try Debt Review with the Best?

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Debt Review Awards 2020.jpeg
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