Debt Settlement


Debt settlement allows you to pay a lump sum that is typically less what you owe to settle your debt. This is done by negotiating a suitable settlement discount that is in line with the lower lump sum value that you have.

So would Debt Settlement Work for You?

Negociate Credit Solutions is a leader in the provision of Debt Settlement negotiation. We know how difficult it is negotiate settlement values with your Credit Providers. It is not only time consuming but extremely frustrating too.

We are fast and flexible when it comes to creating a suitable Debt Settlement Plan that matches your specific needs and the lump sum that you have. You will benefit from early settlement discounts of up to 20% with current debt and 50% with debt that is handed over to collection agencies. We will work directly with you to analyse your current financial situation and to provide the best way forward.

With our professional solution, you will be in a position to settle existing debt instantly and get a competitive discount structure that will save you money. Money is saved not only in the form of the discount structure but also in the form of the future interest that you are no longer having to pay.

Want to know more about Debt Settlement?

Let us conduct a free of charge, no obligation Debt Settlement Plan to show you how much you will be saving. You will also receive a free copy of your Credit Report, The Debt Settlement Plan will include costs and conditions. This will allow you to make an informed decision before proceeding with the Debt Settlement Plan.


The Application Form will only be sent to you once you understand fully how the Debt Settlement will work and only after we have answered all questions to your satisfaction. 

There are no upfront costs or charges and so you have nothing to lose by making an informed inquiry about Debt Settlement, which can only improve your current financial well-being.

Debt Settlement
Debt Settlement