What is Debt Review
Debt Review Consolidates all Debt into One Manageable Installment

Debt review, also known as Debt Counselling, is a legal process that requires a registered Debt Counsellor to assess your current financial situation. They then apply legal guidelines to negotiate on your behalf, lower interest rates and longer terms not exceeding 60 months.


Credit Providers are also required to accept these new re-negotiated contracts, placed under Debt Review, as long as they are drafted within the legal guidelines.

The National Credit Act (NCA) introduced Debt Review in 2007 and while there were teething problems to begin with, today this process is as good as it is going to get where debt consolidation is concerned.

The process is ideal for Employed South Africans who are struggling to make ends meet and are starting to fall behind, or who are already in arrears with debt repayments.

If you are over-indebted, you can approach a Debt Counsellor to assist you with this process. The Debt Counsellor you choose must be registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR). You can contact the NCR on 0860 627 627 to confirm this for you.


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Debt Review is the most  effective way to Consolidation Debt in SA

Consolidation Loans may combine debt into one installment, but interest rates are not reduced by that much. Debt Review on the other hand can reduce interest rates to as low as 10%.


The Debt Counsellor will assess your current situation and determine a suitable financial solution, which includes lower interest rates and longer terms. Terms will not exceed 60 months for unsecured debt and 84 months for vehicles. Home Loans are released from the process once all unsecured debt and vehicles are settled.


The Debt Counsellor will request original contractual agreements for all your Debt from the credit providers. This takes 5 working days.


The Debt Counsellor will draft the new contracts for Debt Review and submit these contracts to the Credit Providers for acceptance.


Once the Credit Providers have accepted the re-negotiated Debt Review contracts they are certified by a Judge in the nearest Magistrate's Court or by the National Consumer Tribunal.


A Clearance Certificate is issued to the Credit Providers and Credit Bureaus notifying them that the Debt Review has been completed successfully. This Certificate removes adverse listings and late payment history. The consumer is now credit worthy again.

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What does Debt Review Cost?

There are no out of pocket costs involved when applying for Debt Review. All costs are included in the process. The fees are standardised for All Debt Counsellors by the National Credit Regulator and Credit Providers formed part of the process in standardising these fees.

There are no out of Pocket Costs. The process supports your current financial situation

The following fees are included in the first 2 months fo the process.



This fee is charged to obtain the contracts from the Credit Providers and draft the new proposals for acceptance.

This fee is equal to the value of your first installment but not exceeding R8,000.00 if the installment happens to be more than that.


This fee is charged to finalise the contracts and to have them certified by a Judge in the nearest Magistrate's Court or by the National Consumer Tribunal.

1. If by a judge in the Magistrate's Court - The fee is equal to the value of your second installment not exceeding R6,000.00 if your Debt Review installment happens to be more than R6,000.00.

2. If by the National Consumer Tribunal - The fee is only R800.00.


We have the new Debt Review contracts certified by the National Consumer Tribunal and so our clients benefit from the lower legal fee. In rare instances we will have no choice but to approach the Magistrate's Court, You will be made aware of this in advance.

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Debt Review improves cash flow, simplifies payments and reduces stress


  • Non-Credit Worthy Consumers can apply.

  • One low Consolidated Installment.

  • Monthly Combined installment can be reduced by as much as 60%

  • Available Income is increased which can be improve qualify of life. 

  • Managing one loan repayment each month instead of several loan repayments reduces stress levels.

  • Interest rates can be reduced to as little as 5-10%.

  • Debt Free in 48-60 months depending on the amount of debt you have. If you have Payday Loans only you could be debt free as early as 12-24 months.

  • If you have additional income like overtime, bonuses, pension payouts or inheritance money you can settle debt sooner.

  • Adverse Listings and Late Payments are removed from your credit report on completion of the process. .

  • You will be credit worthy again as long as you complete the process.

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Here are some of the criteria that you should meet before applying for Debt Review



  1. Must be Employed or have an Income. i.e. Spousal support, Family support, self-employed, retrenchment income.

  2. If Married in Community of Property your Spouse must be included in the process. There are no exceptions.

  3. If  a joint owner but Unmarried or Married Out of Community of Property then your spouse or partner should seriously consider taking part in the process. Alternatively the bond will be excluded completely and therefore will not benefit from a lower interest rate and installment.
  4. Affordability. There must be enough available income after living expenses to service the new monthly Debt Review installment.

  5. Total living expenses should not exceed Income.

  6. Must have a valid South African bank account into which your salary is paid each month. Statements will be requested.

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